February 22nd, 2006


Waaa such a long Wednesday

Wednesday is my least favorite day of the week. But at least I survived! Somehow or another!
Tonight's platter of homework includes a theatre critique, Chinese, and Japanese. I will soon have more tutoring and will need to work on writing my original play, too...hmmm.
Where is my copy of the Kokinshu when I need it?!

Today I got to eat lunch with my classmates from the good ol' Genji class^^ They are nice company and pretty amusing :p
Yes, I needed to rest a bit after yesterday, so I enjoyed the lunch, as well as playing half an hour of tetris and reading manga after class. We got out early, which allowed me the time to do that before dinner. I didn't beat tetris, but it was still quite fun. And manga is always nice, of course.

Yes, after two long days I am assigning the Strelnikov icon to this entry - maybe he will scare away all the work and stress for the rest of the week! :p (I can only hope, anyway)

[Edit 11:20-the Doctor Zhivago movie provides great background noise while I am working... :3 It put me in a good mood finally! Still, the cold scenery makes me wanna hide under my blankets. So off I go to bed! Oyasumi! Laku noć!]
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