March 7th, 2006



Wednesday? I never thought I'd make it to Wednesday of this week! Now the question is, can I get past Wednesday? Chinese quiz, Japanese speech, lit article presenter, 3-4 tutoring meetings...I still need to finish my essay for lit! Bleh.

At least dinner was good! Ohh I love thee, Lincoln Diner! Your cheesecake makes me so happy^^ It was so rich and sooooo tasty! I want more XD

And yay for plans over break! I am gonna watch the old Transformers movie with my brother and play some Red Faction rail-gun dictator battle (or snipers only?...though I like my GL!) Yay, my brother is teh cool! *cheers*

And like it or not, my family is gonna watch Jaws and Raiders of the Lost Ark :p (because in doing my essay I was reminded of the scene where Indy, Marcus, and the gov't people are discussing the ark and Indy says: 'Didn't any of you guys ever go to Sunday school?' XD Ah that was a great moment^^).
I guess I shall have to watch Freder (Metropolis) again, too :3 Freder Frederson! woot! And COD...Inama Nushif...mmmmm. <3

But for now, got essays to complete and quizes to cram for.
Off I go again!
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