March 15th, 2006


Spring Break

Wow Spring Break is fun! Can it last forever?

Saturday: I fullfilled my prophetic dream and started playing an MMORPG - Guild Wars! I am an Elementalist (secondary Monk) with an icy staff! XD Level 2 (aka I am a noob). Also watched Transformers: the Movie with Matt. Ahh memories!

Sunday: Church - Revelation Book (17?), Up to gram & pap's for pizza, cheese, grapes, and crackers...oh! and cards! :) It was fun times!

Monday: Went to the doctor's and got my tetnus booster shot & blood taken to test for my hypo-thyroid. Watched parts 1 & 2 of Children of Dune in the afternoon and Raiders of the Lost Ark in the evening... Back to the desert!!

Tuesday: Hershey Day! ^_^ Yay I got to see Pear-chan!
Finished COD, also watched 24. It was depressing ;_; but COD was sweetness! Yay Muad'Dib!

Wednesday: Metropolis Day! Soooo much Freder...and stepmania with Matt! He's already addicted since dl-ing it yesterday ~_~ So much music...orchestral and techno both?!
Hmmm I need a Metropolis icon and a Dune icon as well...

Tomorrow I need to start doing homework. I am running out of time! :(
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