March 20th, 2006


Noh play writing madness

Coming up with Noh play ideas is WAY too much fun!

As far as I can tell, there's a couple angles from which the choice of topic can be approached. One can decide the topic based on:
-a historical figure (this is what I did)
-a historical place (a group member did this and it worked well!)
-an image (another classmate of mine did this ^_~ yay cherry blossoms!! So pretty!)

I was also surprised by the fact that of the 5 of us, the waki was always different!! He was first a secular man, then a Lutheran pastor (XD), then a Pure Land Buddhist, a Hindu, and finally a rescue mission person! Wow! Sweetness!

All right, so what are *my* ideas for a group play?
-Something from Greek/Roman myth (No one did this yet?! It's such awesome source material)
-Ghost of someone from a lost/fallen kingdom (Atlantis, Numenor, Heiankyo, you get the idea!)
-Southampton (Titanic survivor like Harold Bride the telegrapher who lost his good friend)
-Col. Vincent (died at Gettysburg, was recently married with a 1 yr-old daughter)

Can you tell that I like history?
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