March 31st, 2006


Ah Pennsylvania spring!

It's a truly gorgeous day outside! Almost too hot?! 74 degrees and cool, grey skies above!
In opening my back door, I found that there is one lonesome daffodil growing in the yard along with some violets and even some purple hyacinths. All the squirrels and birds were out making noise and the students are gathering all over campus to sit out. The trees have begun to blossom and little greens are sprouting from the branches... It was hard to get motivated for class and work!
Under the joy, I had an undercurrent of worry about the software order I'd placed, but it seems worked out now, to my great relief. Also had a Japanese quiz today, but I overstudied vocabulary! Still, it can't hurt to know more vocab, desyou.
Ah, I got to wear my blue Chinese style shirt today and people seemed to like it! :D I really think it's cute - and very comfortable! Also, today marks the opening of the Asian Art exhibit as Schmucker Hall. I want to go sometime this weekend to see it. Ohhh Chinese bronzes and Tang arts...not to mention Japanese stuff! The West-Asian robe also sounds exciting.
So much fun awaiting! And the battlefield calls.... Hopefully the bicycles will be back at Hutchison House this weekend. I will ask my grandmother when she calls. :) I wish I had it today! The weather so reminds me of that day in November when I ran out to sit by Pettigrew's monument and compose tanka! XD Ah, things we take for granted!
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