April 4th, 2006


OCLC, Genjo, lit class, spiritual work

Today: OCLC work! (4 hrs worth!)
It went by fast. I think I am beginning to like cataloging!
(We even got a movie with Ito Hideaki - Hiromasa! but it wasn't Onmyouji...It was one I couldn't find the right record for, actually.)

I did enough work on my thesis to get stuck again on the setsuwa bungaku! Crazy tale literature of the medeival period messing with my head! So confusing. I had to send back for the Jikkinsho. Well, at least I will have some old books again - after I turned in my cute-navy-blue set of Kokon Chumonju today ;_; Yes, Genjo biwa, you are causing me much grief this evening! (That's where I am in the writing stage)
In other literature class news, tomorrow is the last lecture we seniors have in class! XD *joy* or panic? I am not sure. Everybody keeps celebrating the near-end of the semester and I am wanting to cry! Grad school and stress awaits! ;_; And that's *after* I finish thesis stuff.
Anyway, we discuss Mishima's 'My Friend Hitler' tomorrow O.o Hmmm I am scared already! Hitler's not *my* friend, I can tell you that!

I wonder if tomorrow will be any warmer, since today was pretty chilly and breezy...

And now onto spiritual concerns! I am putting it behind the cut because, well, this entry is getting long and not everyone wants to hear my thoughts on it. Collapse )
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