April 6th, 2006


today: resting/working

Well, sleeping in was nice today, but after a lazy day I am feeling a crunch - theatre work is gonna kill me soon enough if my thesis doesn't.

Thesis: progressing
Everything else I have been avoiding. Not really avoiding, though. I don't have other lit homework for a while...Chinese we don't have again 'till Monday...Japanese is ok if I poke at it every so often.

I am still fighting off a weird feeling in my throat! Noooo!
*equips Olive Leaf - defense +2* XD
I shall fight you, sickness! You shall not overcome meeeee!
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I Kings!

Wow, I Kings is really exciting!
I am finding it very interesting - the different leaders, their failures, details on the Temple... I had to refer to my dad, though, in understanding some of the historical things.
It's teaching me that I have a long way to go; but as with any research I am glad to know that there's more to find! :) benkyou benkyou...
[Edit 12.30 am: I just finished! Now I can't decide whether to go on to Second Kings or backtrack and pick up things I missed...Hmmm.]
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