April 29th, 2006


I got bored..Freder and Maria return!

Whoops. I sat around tonight playing with layouts and so Dev is gone, again ;_; gomen!
On the other hand, Freder and Maria are back in a new style!


Hmm my stomach's been aching me today and I have all these sore spots mom says are hives! I am not sure but I keep scratching... I feel altogether pretty run-down. Poor body! It didn't get much for lunch and then I tried over stuffing it on chicken nuggets and baked potato tonight - 我肚子疼死了! I think I need sleep, but this comes at a bad time! 'Cause even if I feel like this tomorrow, I have no choice but to push myself 'til the work gets done!


I added just a few new icons, too...
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