May 11th, 2006


Nice day!

Today was a nice day - ahhh.
Got my Japanese final over with! Whew! Before going, Laura and I got cookies at the CUB with the money Sengiku-sensei gave us. He was going to buy us a snack for during the final but didn't know what to get that we both would like! Awwws ^-^ I got milano cookies with chocolate & raspberry :p They are quite tasty! (*eating them now with my coca cola*)
Some parts of the final made me laugh - oh Sengiku-sensei giving us impossible questions! Guahhh. I should have looked at the last page before answering the questions before it and maybe I wouldn't have made it so hard on myself! I did have fun rambling on about Onmyouji on the test though^^ whee!
After the exam we each got a Kyoto-rashii mini-purse^^ I got a yellow one and it is so cute! The bell harmonizes nicely with Shoin-sensei's omamori! I jingled on the way upstairs to check and see if Hogan-sensei had gotten my thesis yet, but no luck so far. Hmm.
Well, once the test was done I ran to servo for a sandwich and then off to work. I got pretty sleepy around two, but managed to pull through until 4. I was proud of myself! Awww today was the last day that my co-worker Alex was going to be working, so my bosses got together to give us our graduation gifts?! Awww! I was really touched! :) I got a tea-caddy and a lovely card which I will keep to remember them by^^ Also I plan to visit them a lot because they are so funny and sweet. I really don't want to leave ;_;
Once I got back to my room, I poked at the net looking up stuff on IMDB...I decided to get Indy from the library to screencap stuff :3 That's what I did this evening! Watching the movie, screencaping, and making icon bases...oh also my family called to say hi! Matt showed me a scary thing (lol) Half-Life Two plushie-monsters?! Uwaaa. kimochi warui yo. :p I am excited to get home so I can challenge Matt to stepmania! He better watch out! Ahh how I miss picking on my little brother :p Mom and dad are both ok, too. Dad just got back from a trip to Erie to visit family. It seems to have went ok!
Ya know...I did study a little tonight... I needed a break after the past two weeks, though, so... :\ But wow from this, I sound so unstudious sitting around watching movies and playing with my computer all day :3 teehee.
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