May 15th, 2006


Spending senior week

I am not sure how I am going to spend my time in the upcoming week, but today was fun at least!
Got lunch in town with hhhbkev and went into some really interesting shops! Ohhhh crazy antiques, rare books, military paraphernalia (including hats...amazing hats...), and miniatures! XD
After this I went home, played stepmania for a good hour and then took a nap. For dinner I heated up macaroni & cheese! Tasty! Then I kinda poked around. I cleaned, drew some sketches, talked to my family on the phone. Later I was invited for more movie viewing! Hooray! It was a pretty strange, but cool movie^^ My brain was bouncing about trying to understand it! Woah! It wasn't until 2 that I got home and crashed into my bed...and it wasn't until noon that I got up again :p Yay! I woke up earlier but thought defiantly: 'I am on vacation - buahahaa!'
What shall today bring, I wonder! :D
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icon sorting...

I was going through my icons today to sort through what I had and see if there's anything I should delete/add. I categorized them all and being as it was pretty fun, I thought I'd share Collapse )
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