May 17th, 2006


Thursday plans...Wednesdays chores

Well, tomorrow my parents are coming! :D Hooray! They will arrive sometime in the morning, stay for the afternoon, and head back about 5:30. They are gonna take back a bunch of my stuff -- which I boxed up today! My room is looking emptier... ;_; I still have a lot to gather together, but I accomplished quite a bit for today and even swept my room! Wow it was long overdue.

Not sure what I want to do now. Hmmm. I do wanna print out a copy of my thesis for myself before I surrendur my printer tomorrow...Guess I will go off and do that!

Oh, and um is it just me or has this week flown by? Because the only day I have free before Graduation events is Friday (well, and Thursday night). Nooooo I don't wanna graduate!
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