May 25th, 2006


Fate of Atlantis work...and lunch with Matt^^

Whenever it comes to FoA, difficulty is involved.
First, it was a matter of finding the CD-ROM. Dad finally found it late last night - it was burried in his office desk somplace! gah! We last played the game in his office in July '05 on the Windows95 computer...but then as his church computer died, he used that old machine for some work and must of tossed the CD in his desk when he found it in the drive.
After we found the disk, it was a matter of getting it to run on my XP...
First was saving the disk files onto my harddrive.
Then I downloaded the program at and spent forever messing around with it. I couldn't figure out how to find the folder containing the files from the CD-ROM. Turns out I just needed to try some double-clicking to find the correct folder...whoops.
Now that I found the disk and got scummvm set up, the program runs perfectly! I have sound, voice-acting, and hopefully the 'save' will work, too! yay!
I am one happy fangirl.

Also in the world of good news was lunch today! Matt had half a day (finals day), and since mom and dad were out of town we went to Red Lobster for lunch! mm'mmm good shrimp scampi and cheesy rolls. The drive to Williamsport was nice too - we listened to Classical music on the way up and back and enjoyed seeing the landscape. Ahh mountains, trees (and roadkill O.o and construction). Oh, Pennsylvania ^__^
It was an overcast day, so combined with lunch it has made both me and my brother very sleepy. We are messing around on our computers now :)
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