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May 27th, 2006

chocolate chip cookies and westerns!

Chocolate chip cookie batter and Clint Eastwood movies make for a fun evening!! :) Yay!

Who knows what tomorrow will bring! I still need to go watch A.D., though it probably won't be until next week... :p

West Milton daily activities

Today was long, but sweet^^
Mom and I cleaned and cleaned all afternoon. We need the house to look decent for my grandparents when they come this coming Thursday. We swept and reorganized space in all the rooms. Whew - it was really tiring work! For dinner we had cheesy-chicken & rice and broccoli! So yummy.
After dinner, being as it was such a nice day we all went outside and sat in the shade. Well Matt played some frisbee, and then we all found cozy chairs. I think dad nodded off^^ I was looking for our baby bunny but he didn't make an appearance, probably scared away by the lawnmowers running all over town that afternoon. He's a very small brown bunny with black ears who lives under our shed - he enjoys eating the clover in our yard ^-^
Then, we all came in for ice cream and cards! Matt won and I showed how bad I am at math - whoops! :p It was fun, though! :)

This morning upon getting up, I thought I would go to Bucknell and watch some of that A.D. miniseries, but Bucknell isn't open on weekends this month. I was a bit annoyed earlier, but considering what we got done today, I am glad I stayed home!

Tomorrow is Sunday, which means church and visiting my grandparents in the evening! The sermon is on Daniel chapter 3 - I missed the first two chapters ;_; Then, we are starting Through the Bible in August, but I will be in Maryland - noooo! Oh well, I will just do it on my own, I guess. Hmm :\ Wonder if I will find any MD friends to do it with? I dunno, I hate to give my hopes up.

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