June 3rd, 2006


winding down

Last day of freedom is tomorrow?! Nooo! ;_;
I start work Monday, and I am not excited. At least I have a source of income! I hope the work isn't too tricky... (I always get cranky when I have to start something new and don't know how things work - whoops)
It didn't feel like a whole two weeks have passed. It's been crazy here with all kinds of chores and events! Today mom and I went grocery shopping, did some laundry, and tonight I still have to finish thank you cards, email people, and go through graduation photos to make doubles for people. I did find time this morning to play on paintshop, though. I have a new computer background :D Yay. Simple pleasures^^
Speaking of paintshop, I am a bit worried about my lj layout, as lj is recommending all users switch to style system 2 [I still use S1...] I hope it won't effect me, or I will be pretty frustrated...
Our baby bunny is still in the yard, even though it's damp and rainy. In fact, it's cold today. The weather has been very odd - high of 104 degrees one day and 67 today. Hmm.
My brain is so cluttered that I don't know what to do with myself! I need some job to do with my hands so I can unwind my head, rather than blankly running about the internet or playing tetris and wasting my time ~_~
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