August 20th, 2006


End of summer work - - beginning of school

Sorry I haven't been online, everyone.
The days here have been wild! Let me go back and recount some of them...

Wednesday: Bucknell buildings photo shoot day!
Collapse )

Thursday: Luncheon with the Slifer House crew!
Collapse )

Friday: Work and goodbyes.
Collapse )

Friday evening: To the mall!!
Collapse )

After all this, I collapsed, because Wednesday's athletic rigors, Thursday's hard work in the air conditioning, and Friday's excitement drained me completely.

Saturday: Ummm...I forget.
Collapse )

Sunday: Church & Birthday party
Collapse )

And now, for tomorrow, I must finish packing. I may be online, but I can't be sure, because it is really hectic. I am sure I am forgetting to do something. Hope everyone else is getting along all right and best wishes!

[Note: I talked a lot about food in this entry. I think this is an old habit I developed in Japan, where meals together with friends and loved ones become the subject of photographs and memories. Ahh, appreciation and fond memories.]
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