August 24th, 2006


Regrets & Anticipations

Well, I am moved into University View in Maryland.

It was a crazy day to get that done yesterday; and I am glad that day is done.Collapse )

Today, then, was also involved...kind of...Collapse )

About Socrates...
I was reading some of Ion (discussion on the nature of poets) and I had this deep felt regret for not majoring in Classics. If my major was going to be something odd and supportive of libraries, I might as well have taken Classics instead. Oh well! I just need to find someone who loves Sophocles and Socrates as much as I do :D And there's also always the hope of being able to sit in on university classes for free if I work at a university library...maybe^^

I think I need another week to recouperate from the past day or two...
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