August 27th, 2006


Sunday in the apartment

Today went much the same as it did yesterday. For the rest of my family, though, it was big doings.
Matt moved into his room at RIT and they all attended some meetings. They called once they had arrived so I could then pass on the word to my grandparents. It seems like the drive went all right -- it was raining this morning in Pennsylvania, but was clear in NY by mid-afternoon. We needed the rain in PA, too, wow. I wonder if the corn will amount to much, or if it is already too late?
Well, I hope Matt likes his room and his dorm-mates! :) I am sure he will, but he was a bit anxious... I hope he enjoys his time there! As for mom and dad, I am hoping they have a peaceful drive home tomorrow and then can relax after all this chaos!!
I spent the day reading, studying (not for school yet), praying about some concerns I have. I cooked a hamburger for dinner today and it went all right, but I had no bread, so I ate it on a plate instead :p teehee. It was still tasty! It's been quiet here in the quad today and I really enjoyed the time to myself. I even managed to find time to poke at Rome a little, but just to explore the Scipio cities for fun. My capital Messana.
I feel kind of detached at the moment, so maybe I will go back to studying and reading.
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