September 10th, 2006


Fun Sun-day! :D

Today was a good day!
I read the first half of Genesis today (my home church starts Through the Bible next week!). There were some really colorful moments that I have overlooked before. Well, chapter 22 is really hard to read through, especially keeping in mind it's significance... I found Abimelech to be an interesting figure - someone I overlooked in the past. And of course, the meeting of Isaac and Rebekah is really special :) I think that's about where I quit. It was a lot of fun and I am looking forward to reading more... Maybe I will do that later, but already the day is nearly done!

Dinner was an adventure tonight. First, I decided to make ham and then save some for a sandwich for work tomorrow. Then, I decided I wanted rice, and would use the ham to make sandwiches for Monday and Tuesday. Not having much chicken left, I decided to make fried rice...
So I ran to my room, while the ham was cooking, and got a recipe. Then I grabbed the ingredients together, and got the rice going. The ham finished and I made the sandwiches (complete with melted cheese & mayonnaise...since I have no horseradish yet). When I did up the fried rice, it looked really awful, but it tasted wonderful^^ I had a big bowl full and I only ate half of it because it was so filling! The onions were a nice touch, but I think I put too much egg in it...

I didn't do a whole lot of homework today, but I got most of it done yesterday. All that's left for this week on the priority list is to start a reading journal so I can keep track of my readings for Information Access (Reference class). We had 17 articles for the first two class sessions, and I am getting them confused...

And that was my day. I have gotten so used to the pace of the weekend, that I don't want to go back to schedules, work, & class!
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Hosokawa Gracia

Sermon Series

Our church started a sermon series 'Through the Bible' this past Sunday. We are going to read every book - one a week - for the next year and a half. This is very exciting!
Of course, I can't be there, but my father is putting his sermons online! Hooray! If anyone is curious, the streaming files are here.
(This past week was an introduction to the study in general, and to 'reading' the Bible.)
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