September 19th, 2006


Brownies, assignments, dJ doboy, matzo,...

Today was a long and chaotic day, mostly because I didn't have my head on straight. I can't seem to focus this week at all. I don't like it when I am given a number of assignments all due in the far future, because I can only keep track of (worry about) one at a time :p I am trying to get caught up, but even as I do so, I fall behind in my other assignments. It's rather discouraging. I am not sure what I think of grad school... Sometimes I wish I just had a job!

Well, my roommate had a less-than-ideal day today, too; so I suggested we do something fun to relax! I found my brownie batter and so we ate batter and brownies at six o'clock this evening. I haven't noticed that I am hungry after missing dinner, but I am tempted to go snitch more brownies!! It was nice to sit and chat, since we are both too busy to do that much. We plan to study together tomorrow (school and Bible study both!) and I might try to watch a bit of Mythbusters, as science is fun! We also plan to go grocery shopping this Friday, which would be great, since she goes to a big Asian food store and I might be able to find some fun things in addition to eggs and bread.

I got a book with 'ancient costume' plates from the library on a whim today. I get the different ancient peoples mixed up, and I thought that if I saw some pictures of cultural costumes, I might be able to keep them straight.

The dj I listen to (and pretty much the only one I listen to) has released new downloads today! *cheers* This is the stuff I listen to in order to do work, because I get too focused on singing the lyrics to mainstream music to be able to concentrate on the work. That's not to say that I don't stop every so often and start dancing, though... :D There's some parts that I just love. Anyway, that's me and my college music habits!

I have been going to bed early the past few nights because I have felt really exhausted, but I am feeling a little better tonight. Speaking of sleep, last night I dreamt that I was driving someplace with my brother, when the road crossed paths with a long train. Unable to find the end of the train, we decided to park and take the train instead. He boarded it, but I stood back behind, and together with a worker, pushed the train into motion. Once it started, it lurched into motion, and I grabbed onto the edge/rail and let my legs dangle as we flew down the tracks.
The entire dream gave me the sensation of being on one of those old fashioned trains like in Croatia -- the kind where there's a set of seats in a closed compartment with curtains and racks for luggage and hat boxes! Mmm I want to ride one again... There's something special about those old trains.
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