September 20th, 2006


Club Fair day

But...I want to make a Shofar, too! ;_;

I am really interested in learning about Hebrew culture, but I don't feel that there is anywhere to turn, since I am not Jewish and I don't want to encroach on them. I wish I knew if there was something I could do, though! (Not that I have any free time at all, but...) At the very least, I will learn Biblical Hebrew someday. That's one life goal I have set for myself.

Speaking of languages, I got the urge last night to start using WordChamp again to practice Japanese and even French. Again, though, where will I find the time?

On the bright side, I found a church! I was offered a ride Sunday and so I shall see how it goes. It's a non-denominational Bible church and the people seem very friendly! :D I still have to read Exodus for my home church this week, though.. . ..
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