September 21st, 2006


Bread blessings

I was just sitting here eating bread and reading Nehemiah.

I returned to the club fair today and stopped by the Jewish stands again. It was just was packed as yesterday -- they had it set up at the end of the grassy mall farthest from McKeldin Library and nearest Rt. 1. The tables and balloons were lined up all along the sidewalks that wind across the mall.
The first group I talked to told me about some of what they do, and then gave me a pin that says M-R-Y-L-N-D (מרילנד)! :D The second group I went to talk to were the ones who had been making the shofar the day before. I really wanted to ask them about it, but I felt so shy. じゃまをするな! Today I did stop, but I couldn't manage to say much of anything. None-the-less, they gave me home-made bread! I tried some tonight and it is delicious. I am saving the rest for tomorrow!
I also emailed them to see if there is any way I can observe or get involved. Just so I am not an inteference :) Hopefully, I will hear good news back from them! (I don't know why I am doing this when I barely have time to keep up as it is...)

Also, I read this in Nehemiah and it really struck me. I will put it behind the cut for those who have the time to take a peek: Collapse )
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