September 24th, 2006



I finished reading Exodus today. I must say, I get really excited reading the description of the Tabernacle and the Priest's garments. It must be the artistic side of me. Also, I think it helps me form an image in my head, even if it is a vague conglomeration of scents, colors, and materials.

It got me thinking about the nature of those elements, how pleasant they must have been assembled. Not that I could have experienced it even if I had lived then.

Later, then, I got wondering who did the design for the costuming in Raiders of the Lost Ark, and how they decided how to design the breastplate. Of course, I have posted on this before at least once. But I sometimes want to just go find the movie's costume researcher and ask them out of sheer curiosity. And ask how it felt to wear it...since it's a bit sacreligous, yet... Oh, Belloq!

Yes, I always wonder the same things!

Something did strike me as curious about Exodus 38:8... It says that the bronze base of the laver that stood between the outer and inner sections of the Tabernacle was made of bronze mirrors that the women owned. It reminded me of ancient Chinese bronze mirros (some of which were sent to Japan in the early Asuka/Nara periods, though they were in production long before this I think). Wonder if they are in any way similar?
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