October 10th, 2006

Higher Things

Art & Music appreciation

Why is it that when I am making some weblayout or constructing some project, that I feel absorbed in it -- yet, in appreciating art, it takes a lot to get so immersed?

I was thinking last night about music.

I have a fair amount of CDs, and I listen to them for a variety of reasons.
I listen to Dj Doboy (techno/trance) while doing homework to keep me awake. Frou Frou (Must Be Dreaming) and Dubstar (Stars) make me dance - if you call jumping about dancing :p Then, I listen to Jars of Clay (Overjoyed) & REM (Night swimming) when I am relaxing. Delerium (Innocente) & Sleepthief (Just Say It) are soothing and artsy music.

The problem is, though, that don't often listen to music just for the sake of the music itself. How often do I sit down with the cd booklet and really listen? I feel I must be doing something, otherwise I am wasting my time. Even if it just checking email or updating my schedule. Yet, how often do I truly apply my mind to the music?
When I got Bjork's Family Tree over the summer, I really had to sit down to get inside the music. For example, her orchestral version of (Anchor Song), when I really sat and pictured it, moved me to tears. It was so real a picture and a mood that I was overwhelmed.
Last night, I went to check out some music by Vast on his webpage. As soon as I entered the site, though, I was stuck by the appealing layout and background music. So much so that I dropped what I was doing and just enjoyed surfing about the site. If people spend no longer than a few seconds looking at fine art in a museum, how much less time and thought do we usually show to online arts?

How often do I allow the music and art to really hit me? I need to learn to stop and appreciate them for all that they are worth.

Note: Samples open in windows media player as they are from amazon.com
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