October 18th, 2006


Grad school semester 1 weekly plan

My weeks at grad school are different from normal weeks. Let me explain.

Mondays. Mondays are a long day. I have work in the morning, homework in the afternoon, and class at night. Between Monday and Tuesday there is not a lot of time to prepare for class...
Tuesdays. These are my free-evening days. Usually I try to do some homework in this big block of free time.
Wednesdays. Wednesdays are my special days. After work ends at 1, I am free! This is usually my big productive homework day of the week. Since I only have one class following Wednesdays, though, I usually do long-term project work.
Thursdays.Thursdays are my Friday. Once I return from my work/homework/evening class, I am free for the weekend. Well, not exactly.
Friday. Friday morning is Bible Study at the church. I usually get back to my dorm by noon. Then I cook, eat, and get to work. Or just lay blankly on my bed! :p
Saturday. This is the only day of the week where I have no plans at all! I do homework and/or call my family/grandparents.
Sunday. I have church and church lunch which runs from 11-2pm. Then I scurry about doing work before class Monday and Tuesday!

Also on weekends, I have Bible readings for my two churches (home and campus) and two Bible studies (one on and one off campus). So that work gets done sometime over the weekend, too.

I can't believe it is mid-October? It seriously feels like this month just started... Well, when the weeks flutter by as they have been, it's hard to follow.

Today I had to attend a sexual harassment workshop. The speaker was good, but that didn't make the subject any less uncomfortable for me. Afterwards, I copied 2 articles for my Thursday class, which I will read tomorrow after work, and then ate lunch at the Union Building. Once back in my apartment, I did some Braille to unwind. (Yes, I find it to be very relaxing! It's the first time I tried writing Braille in English and it was so easy that I now have most of the alphabet memorized. It helps that our alphabet is maybe 4 times smaller than the Japanese one!) I talked to my mom on the phone for a while, which was fun :D and then spent the evening working on my Comp Sci website #3 and editing my Info Hunt I.

I was just typing this up, thinking I was finished with homework for tonight, but I neglected to seek out articles on children & their information use habits/needs. Whoops. I will now go do that. I wonder why I chose this topic, when I know nothing about children!? Hmmm... I guess I will learn, ne? :D
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