November 1st, 2006


Autumn sights

Leaves, some like yellow stars, others like red tapestries, and still others the color of burnt orange. I love the orange oaks best, myself. The weather today was so warm that I didn't need a jacket and the sky was so blue. Yesterday we had the most magnificent afternoon sky. There were all kinds of clouds, high wisps that trailed the dome of heaven and low soft clouds tinged gold. It was magnificent.

A few weeks ago, I even saw three deer in the woods behind my apartment. There were two or three guys a little ways ahead of me and the deer walked out right in front of them crossing from one side of the wood to the other. They were in no rush. A mother and two fawns. I watched them as they went about their way poking at the trees. I wondered how they could be so tame? And how they could move so nimble and so beautifully? And how sad they must be to live in the city. What an amazing creature, the deer.

In other news, even though I didn't join NaNo WriMo, I spent quite a few hours writing today. Yes, I haven't done that in a *long* time! I have a character in the developing who is relatively new to the batch. Just what I don't need is a new character - heehee. But I did find a way to start the story. Now, if I can find a way to end it, I will just have the hundreds of pages in between!^^
Between that and ES Posthumus...Mmmm
Oh, and my book about Volcanoes in History has been recalled. Someone else wants to read about Thera/Atlantis/Exodus?! :D I will have to copy what I want and return it first thing tomorrow.
I charted out my November assignments and they are coming up *very* fast. Today I had time, but I think it might get crazy soon! :p Here we go!

By the way, movies

By the way, after I finish this semester I am going to enjoy sitting back and watching a full-length movie. I don't think I have watched any all semester. I did watch a scene from Metropolis and half of Doctor Zhivago, but that doesn't count. Maybe I should treat myself this weekend if I make time...(*laughs*)

I am in the mood to see For a Few Dollars More...Spaghetti Westerns are amusing! Unfortunately, U of MD does not have a holding?! >.o
Well, maybe I will watch Children of Dune (pt 1) instead.

Probably I will run out of time after making my Used-Textbook-For-Sale database, writing literature reviews about articles describing Toddlers use of the Library, and preparing my systematic bibliography about Family Friendly Work Environments.
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