November 3rd, 2006


Flavor of the day

Flavor of the day:

AM Bible Study
PM Laundry

690 Final Project Layout
601 Final Project Survey
650 Systematic Bibliography

Food: White rice with broccoli wrapped in nori. :D

Music: Star Wars and new Dj Doboy mixes

Watched: The intro to Children of Dune! So pretty...

Note: My bed is covered in black socks that need folded!
Note2: I am running low on tootsie rolls...
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Braille products

I am running through my Braille paper! I need to order more, but I am wondering if I should get anything else while I am at it. Someone else here at the college may practice Braille with me, but I only have one slate and stylus...

Also, let me just say that American slates/stylus are not nearly as cool as Japanese ones which come in nice sturdy plastic in a variety of colors (I know that is totally vain, but, well, I got pink^^)
So all you in Japan, take advantage of the cooler Braille stuffs!

On another note, I am having doubts about school right now...In addition to other things. Maybe I am just tired, but...
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