December 10th, 2006


Break from finals to post

I took a break from my notes...
Yesterday was a non-stop day, and today has a long way to go until I can turn in. Tomorrow is the last day before my 650 final and 690 presentation and I am beginning to wonder if I will have a high enough grade to pass safely. For graduate school, we need a B or above in the core classes to continue our studies. I am sure it will be all right, but I got some grades back that were a bit disappointing. The professor was very kind in informing me on what I did wrong. Unfortunately, after probably 15+ hours of work, I never got that fact. It's slightly discouraging. Thankfully, I have a lot going for me, and so I can't complain! I will work harder next time. Or maybe I will simply ignore my grades next time ^__~

I had a tasty dinner today of over-easy eggs and potatoes in cheese. Afterwards, I got to ask dad some questions I had been wondering about with regards to today's verse from Isaiah 7:9b. The translation of the verse was very different in NIV/NKJV, but it seems to be a difficulty with a verb seemingly comparable to the Japanese しっかり. Then dad cleared up some general Israeli history that had confused me. I still haven't worked out which period the different prophets are from...but I am working on it.

I discovered that mom sent a bag of mini-snickers along last time she came...Temptation!

Christmas celebration plans are set for this coming Tuesday night, I believe. My roommate and I will take a break from studying to put up a small tree and watch Christmas videos. :D The church Christmas skit is a week from today. My campus-Bible study group will be going to dinner some night this week, but I am not sure when. And I still haven't sent out Christmas cards... I simply can't think straight with all these finals! Once Wednesday is past, I will have my mind back again.

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