December 16th, 2006


Fri and Sat 690 studying, church work, ...

Time out.
I don't think I have had any time this week to actually think normally until now^^

Yesterday I had Bible study and play practice with some computer science studying mixed in. Today I continued my computer science studies and found myself with a little free time. I thought I would catch up on some things. Well, before I start, let me say that my roommate and her friend make the best curry and rice ever! It was delicious with big onion slices and potatoes on a hearty rice. Mmmm.

All right, let's see.

I am almost finished reading 2 Samuel, and one of the thoughts I have on my mind is: this would make an amazing miniseries! It's a very visual book complete with war, romance, family-issues, and great characterization. Plus, it is hard for me to keep events straight without seeing who is who where... Who is a conspirator and who is a loyal servant and who is both? O.o?

I wonder if I am fighting some sickness, too, because I have been very sleepy and extremely thirsty lately. I hope not! Maybe it is just overcoming the exhaustion of finals week and bad eating habits ^_^;
I kind of wish that I were home right now, since my parents and the choir are out caroling. It's always a fun afternoon that I look forward to, but since next Saturday-Sunday is so close to all the Christmas services, they had to do it this weekend. Anyway, I think they will have fun^^

I will have more of the same schedule tomorrow as far as studying goes. Also, we perform our Christmas play! Finally, I have to do laundry and cleaning sometime before Tuesday...
Let me leave with something my father and I discussed this morning. Collapse )