January 4th, 2007


Week one of the winter semester

Chex mix & string cheese. A full golden moon and dark tree branches. Weariness and victory.

I am plodding along in my readings and coursework hour by hour. I am up to page 350 in my management textbook, up to page 77 in the Java book, and resuming my study of the Book of John tomorrow. It's getting busy and tight for time, but I think the weekend will give me time to get ahead. (I may make some time to watch part of my Spaghetti Western, though^^) I am a bit nervous about how this will all pan out once I am back to work at McKeldin library, but it should be ok.
Also, today I completed my first mock-up Java programs. I can't call them genuine because they only did basic operations (println, addition, boolean,...) Still, successfully writing, compiling, and running some example programs made me happy!! The command prompt isn't as scary or hard as it seems. Yay DOS.

Also, I must mention that the grapefruit my family passed onto me is delicious! I have eaten 3/4 of one so far...they are huge! I need to remember this for future reference.

I am taking a moment to listen to a good song. I am not sure if it is the music or the vocals or the lyrics, but, ahhh, it sounds good to the ears. I have to save my music for times when I am taking a break from reading, otherwise it will distract me with its wonder^^

'Take away the freedoms I wanted. I understand.'
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