January 7th, 2007


Snacks, work, and Bible studying updates

Mmm chocolate soy milk and a Krispy Kream donut hits the spot! (Actually, it makes my stomach churn in rebellion at so much sugar at such a ridiculous hour, but my mind thinks it is happy^^)

Church today was nice. We studied Joshua: Be strong and very courageous because 1.) God fulfills His Promises, 2.) strengthens us, and 3.) is with us. At the UBF (University Bible Fellowship), we are all encouraged to pick a key verse for the new year along with prayer topics. I will be sharing mine at Bible study this Wednesday. My theme for the new year is 'Finding fulfillment and delight in the LORD alone'. I have two (well, three) key verses: Jeremiah 2:13 & Isaiah 58:13-14.

I will be attending a church conference this coming weekend away from campus. It will be the first one I have been to in years... Well, not counting the Lutheran Brethren conferences, but I was never invited to the worship services since I am just the pastor's kid :p Anyway, I am looking forward to it!

In other church news, UBF uses the NIV translation for its responsive readings, but since my Bible is NKJV I always have to borrow one. Suddenly it hit me today that I should go out and buy an NIV! I am slow sometimes... I think the campus bookstore has Bibles in stock and I am pretty sure the bookstore is open during January...? We shall see! I hope so, because I am getting really excited^^ I will check on my way to lunch tomorrow after work in the morning. Yep, I start work tomorrow! I also have my first quiz for the winter term. I think both will go all right and work should actually be fun! I am excited to hear how my boss made out over break.

I should also note that my Bible study leader, Maria, got me a Christmas present! How nice of her^^ It's a small book about prayer, which is something I could read up on. I am so lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful people ^__^

Now I am going to plan out my schedule for the semesters and breaks... :)