January 20th, 2007

Hiromasa chibi!

Cute critters!

Thanks to trinity3kim (my management classmate) for providing much amusement so far this afternoon! She has a pet lama and I claimed a hedgehog of my very own. Ok, ok, I know that virtual pet adoption is silly, but we all need to have a little fun now and then! :D

Funny story about a hedgehog:
When I was in Croatia, I had a host mother named Nada who loved animals. She let strange dogs and cats come into our living room at random and talked to them! Also, when a kitten stranded itself on the neighbors roof, she climbed the neighbors roof (with their permission, I think) to get it down. I think she did this twice! After that, the kitten lived with us and had a litter of kittens :p
One night I saw her taking warm milk outside... She told me it was for a baby hedge. Hedge? Oh, a hedgehog? She nodded and said, "Yes, there is a baby hedge and he comes to drink milk after you go to sleep. Maybe he will come tonight and you can see him."
Well, it so happened, that one night she grabbed me by the arm with this eager grin. She pointed out to the garden. I heard a quiet slurping sound. The baby hedgehog! She pushed me closer to see, but I assured her that I could see it...
That wasn't enough!
She went up to it, and grabbed it, and brought it inside into the light to take a look! Waa!
The poor critter rolled into a ball and tried to make himself prickly. She turned it around in her hands and examined it, saying how cute it was. I stood there in shock O___O
She let it go a few minutes later, but I don't think it ever came back. Poor hedge....

my pet!
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Web space question

I am really sorry to be spamming everyone's friend's list this weekend...

I have a question for everyone, or well, anyone who has web-space on the internet.

I am looking for a good server that is not too expensive. My church wants to relocate its site to an AD-free location, but is on a strict budget. Does anyone have suggestions?
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Centurion Cornelius has gone recruiting!
Come join the Bible History Resource project! :D

Current status: http://www.wam.umd.edu/~mmccart7/Biblehistory/bh1/bh1_1.html
Patriarch's 'people' section has names mapped out, but lacks content. Javascript functions do function. (:p) Sample entry can be seen for 'Adam.'

I probably will not be updating on it so much here, but I have put aside wiki space for project compilation: http://biblehistoryresource.wikispaces.com/
Feel free to check in and see how work is progressing.

Also, when this is done, I need to look into getting it moved to permanent webspace...I will only be at .umd another 11 months!