January 22nd, 2007


Ahh...no school...Rome!

Monday night - last Management class.
I am sitting here in my wooden chair, leaning back, listening to Delerium's CD Poem and eating the last of my Christmas Godiva chocolate. I have such a craving for baker's chocolate right now! As far as I am concerned, chocolate can't be too dark XD
Unfortunately, my stomach feels like it is full of tiny microbes all swarming around and eating the chocolate before my stomach can! O.o I think I ate a bit too much Chinese food today for lunch! But the chow mein, veggies, and orange chicken was delicious.

Well, I am taking it relatively easy. Working here and there on notes for Thru The Bible (Numbers). I am tempted to play Rome... I played last night!

Get this, the city of Syracuse (originally a Greek Colony and the first that I conquered) hated me to no end. I was kind to them though. Of all the cities I took, I did not exterminate the people of Syracuse because we Scipio have a deeply cultivated respect for Classic Greek culture ^__^ Sadly, they did not return the sentiment. They always wanted to rebel, even after I built them an "Awesome Temple of Neptune" and public baths and lowered taxes... So irksome.
Well, last night, a plague took hold of the city and suddenly, the people *loved* me! :O They were almost 100% happy!? If only it would have lasted.... Once health returned, so did their rebelliousness! Boo, Syracuse!

Also in the world of Rome, I allied myself with Nubia during my siege of Carthage and invasion of Northern Africa. Once I destroyed the Carthaginians, however, Nubia got nervous. She sent boatloads of men to the island of Sardinia where I had a garrison and stood outside my walls for a couple turns... Finally, they attacked me! And with that, I proceeded to begin the annihilation of their units all over the map. Sink their boats! Cut down their legions! I have just begun, but I think it will be a short campaign. Then, I will be in possession of all Northern Africa, save Egypt... Uhoh...Egypt is ranked as the most advanced faction! I better get my cities fortified. Also, my fellow Romans will soon be turning on me, so I am preparing for the worst. I have largely abandoned Capua (my only settlement on Italy) and might move my capital from Sicily to Norther Africa... I should also tear down the Temple to Baal while I am at it, but I am worried the people will get really, really riotous!

Ah, Rome. How you distract me ^___^