January 25th, 2007

Minoan Doves

Html + Css, Minos

I have been working with html/css all day long!
At work, I was given a CD of images and asked to create an image gallery. I see someone familiar at the Craft and Bake Sale... :D

After work, I went to meet professor Lin to get my TA-assignments. I told him the labs on Javascript and CSS need more structured exercises and he then asked me to make some! Fun times! I might also get to lecture one day. I think that could actually be quite fun, too. I really should get to work on all of this.

But what did I do all afternoon? Learn new, tricky css codes to make fun menus. This was not contributing to any class or even work, but it satisfied my curiosity. Well, I suppose that it will somehow be useful...someday...

Then, I went in search of mosaic-style fish designs but ended up finding a lot of Minoan art. It is quite lovely, though.

By now it is dark and cold in my room. It was bright and sunny early on today, then giant white clouds passed by, and finally, we got a sudden snow shower. I hope my parents are having decent weather. They are driving to Gettysburg today and then on to visit me tomorrow for my birthday! ^___^ Hooray! We will celebrate by going to iHop and getting all kinds of delicious fruit desserts. I am quite excited.

Suddenly I feel like the day passed by and I missed out. I really need to do that homework which is due Monday... And create exercises for my class... However, now is the time for dinner. While I am still full on my pan-fried version of baked corn from lunch at 2pm, I should plan out what I will eat and how I will spend the last portion of today.