February 2nd, 2007


Productive in comparison

Today was a much better day^^ Despite the tough start (dreamed I was fighting off monsters and then woke up to two issues of paperwork I needed to settle for my apartment and tuition), it turned out to be very pleasant and productive. I finished all the readings for LBSC 670 this afternoon, swept and cleaned my room, and caught up on email all between the hours of 1:00 and 5:00! XD I think a philosophy of TQM is going to be necessary to get me through this spring semester... Every minute counts! If I want to ever sleep, that is. (And I do love sleep!)

I am now getting ready to go hang out with the people at my church this evening. I think it will be fun^^ After that, I will need to get to bed early so I can wake up tomorrow early and do the assignments for my LBSC 670 class. The professor estimates the first set will take about 8 hours to do, though people say they take much longer. Ahhh, grad school. This is just the homework from the first class... I also need to read for my Database and Java classes. I *think* I can get it done by Monday, but I am really not sure.

"Study, study, study!" That's what Shoin-sensei says.
I need to get back into that study mode of Senior year at Gettysburg. Between translating a whole book and researching ancient tale-literature, I don't know where I found time to do anything fun! Well, I do remember one night watching Indiana Jones!

I have total respect for Hananiah, Mishael, Azariah, and Daniel who in three years were proficient enough in Babylonian language and literature to directly serve the King. Woah. After four years studying Japanese language and literature, I learned enough to talk to my host parents...? I am definately not Japanese court material! :p

Tired, thankful, busy

At times I am so full that I can't feel anything. Or I am so deep that I don't notice where I am. Do you ever have the sensation when you can't tell if you hand is palm up or down without twisting it to confirm?

In 2005, I started a sort of journal on my geocities webpage. Many of those entries talk about being so thankful that I couldn't contain it. Why is it that these days I cannot feel that with the same intensity? Shouldn't it be reversed?

Perhaps I am doing too much? :p

Technically I am a graduate student. I am undergoing training for a professional career. Not only that, but I am on the "fast-track" to graduate in a year and a half by attending every possible term, winters and summers included. People gaped when they heard I was taking a three-week long 3-credit course in January. That's a piece of cake compared to this semester - two classes with the hardest professor in this particular school AND a class in Java GUIs. I don't have a background in any programming language, object-oriented or no. Talk about intense study. By now I am rather used to the challenging life of a student, though. I have been doing this for as long as I can remember and soon it will be done!

Really, though, this period is what some call Wilderness Training! I am studying the Bible like never before. For church at home, reading through the Bible in two-years (we are up to I Chronicles, which is currently a struggle of its own). Also, one-on-one Bible study on the Gospel of John, group Bible study on the Book of Daniel, Sunday messages on the Book of Luke, and personal devotionals on Jeremiah 2:13, faith, and other topics. This doesn't include the web projects I am in the middle of for Bible history. Believe me, I have a long way to go, but it is quite a challenge for me these days.

In all simplicity, I am probably just tired. That might explain why I feel sort of sort of 'shallow' emotionally. Maybe once I give myself time for all of this to sink in, I will comprehend it... I wish I could divvy out my homework for other people to do, like Moses!

No worries, though! I will have victory over the school-life! Before I know it, I'll be graduating and then I will look back nostalgically on these days... Well, maybe :p

And where all this is leading, I am still to find out! Can I dare to think that there will be better days ahead when right now I am having far too much fun reading about the United Kingdom of Israel, listening to Holst's the Planets, and dining on fine tootsie rolls?

I am almost afraid to know how great life could be because I am already too full on the goodness I have received! ^__^ (Even if I am currently a bit too stuffed to feel much...)