February 5th, 2007


So busy...

The moon is rising slowly.
I keep seeing it out of the corner of my eye through the shades.

Early morning today at 8:00. Well, I woke up earlier, but I was having a strange and disturbing dream sequence. There was war at sea and danger on the land and monsters on film. It left me a little shaken this morning.
Did some reading for Database class before heading to the Art Library. It was cold today and I couldn't feel my nose on the walk to the library. Surprisingly, it was full inside! A lot of students were reading. I picked up two books: Old Testament Artwork and New Testament Artwork. Then it was off to Bible study at noon. We finished looking at Daniel chapter one. We especially focused on Daniel's attitude and manner in this incident. While he was exported to the enemy's land and forced into service, he was considerate and respectful of the situation while still seeking to serve God before men. A good example to me who tends to have visions of dynamic rebellions!
After this, it was time for Java class. We did some in-class examples, and I got one right! The task was to make an Array of numbers and a loop to define the largest number of the array. If, while, and array all in one. It was good for starters! I am really enjoying this class far too much. Maybe I am in the wrong profession?
After class, I worked on some emails for my class and then went to LBSC 690 to assist as TA. We were uploading files with FTP today, so it was busy and exciting! I finished a Photoshop tutorial file and plans for Wednesday and Saturday. Also, Saturday I will be on afternoon stand-by on campus for students who run into problems with the first homework.
Wednesday morning before the tutorial, I have Bible study and sometime either that day or another I have a meeting with Pastor Jacob. Also, study of Job this Friday with the UBF Young Disciples Fellowship led by Abe. I still have Testimonies to finish... Also, five Through the Bible sermons to catch up on. Not to mention the talk about Genesis 1 that I missed tonight. In addition, I have readings to finish before tomorrow's 2pm class. And paperwork that needs fixed immediately! Well, tomorrow morning. What homework do I have this week? Thankfully no projects.

And I thought I was catching up! :p
By now the moon is so high that I can't see it unless I bend down and look out the window.