February 27th, 2007


So tired!

The past three days have been...whew.

Church 11:00-1:30 (including lunch, as always!)
Afternoon and evening tutoring
I was to tutor from 4:00-8:00, but due to snow I canceled the meeting. I told everyone to email me questions and checked them as they came, helping everyone fix glitchy errors due to missing tags and teaching them sneaky HTML codes! I also helped tutor my roommate Jae-yoon in art history! She fed me tasty, spicy ramen with egg and then I helped her review ancient Asian art history. Shang ding and jue vessels, jomon pottery, shamanistic patterns and dotoku, all that classic stuff. Not to mention haniwa!
This meant that I was jummping from "the bronze bells of the tomb of Marquis de Yi of the Zhou Period" to "use border=0 if you want the image-that-is-a-link to have no blue border." My brain went @_@ guru-guru
All in a super geeky, very fun way! :) How can you beat a night like that? :p

Info Structure readings 10:00-12:00
Bible study 12:00-1:00
Java and Interface Design class 1:00-4:00
Info Structure readings 4:00-5:30
Info Tech class TA 5:30-8:15
Tutoring 8:30-10:00
Showering, checking homework, preparing homework 10:30-12:00
What can I say? What an incredibly long day! Still, my tutoree bought me a Twix, so I can't complain :p Hooray!! The students I assist in class as the best^^

Prepare Database project work 10:00-12:00
Ate two eggs & a quarter of a grapefruit 12:00-12:30
Walk to campus and check for a copy of the Tanakh in the bookstore 12:30-1:00
Forgot money for the class materials - ran home and back 1:20-1:50
Database Design class 2:00-4:30
Dinner and chatting with a classmate 5:00-6:00
Info Structure class 6:00-8:45
Shuttle ride home and now unwinding...
I never really knew about the health food store in the Stamp, but now that I have been there a couple times, I can't imagine eating anywhere else! They have fresh, hearty, and big sandwiches for a cheap price! I got some kind of chicken salad on honey wheat with sprouts, tomatoes, and spinach and it was delicious.

And now I crash.

Upcoming plans and schedule:

Bible study 10:00-11:30
Grading 12:00-8:00
Info Structure readings 8:00-10:00

Meeting for the final project for Java Interface class 1:30-3:00
Hanging out with my classmate Kim in the evening and cooking some tasty food! :D

Homework readings for the week
Grocery shopping in the afternoon!
Bible fellowship and party 6:00-10:00

Meeting for Database project 10:30-12:00
Meeting with Info Structure study group?
Continuation of grading and homework for the week

Church 11:00-2:00
Tutoring 4:00-6:00
Continuation of grading and homework for the week

Maybe Freder will come and take my post for a while? *falls*