March 18th, 2007


Testimony Sharing - Spring

It is that time of year again! Last fall I shared a testimony about Andrew from John 1 at the Disciple-making celebration. Today I presented a testimony about the Samaritan woman from John 4, along with six others. Let me give you a summary of their messages and I am posting mine behind the cut. (It's not *too* long...and I talk about sandals and priests and wells and Jesus...) I find all this to be fascinating - just like some think my sun-watch to be unique!^^ I pray that God would bless all these brothers and sisters in the faith!

Leo (Genesis 1) - Man is given a mission in Genesis and a Spiritual mission in the Gospels. He hears his calling to spread the word!
June Hee (Genesis 2) - In a distressing, discouraging, and depressing world, she saw the true value God instilled within her from before creation, before time.
Adriana (Genesis 2) - She is finding clearer and clearer purpose to live a life devoted to others.
James (Genesis 3) - I could really relate to James' testimony. He spoke of living by every word of God so as not to fall to the same doubts as Eve. But how can we do that unless we know the word deeply? Thank God for Bible study and Bible teachers!
Frederick (Mark 12) - What seems impossible is just an opportunity for purer faith.
David (John 8) - The transformation that is through Christ Jesus.

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