April 3rd, 2007

Light of the window

More than busy

The past week has been possibly the most intense and busy week I have ever had as a student. I say possibly, because I have a very foggy memory of the past. Still, I have been driving myself like never before! I was working so hard yesterday that I forgot to eat. I finally remembered at 9:00pm. I was up late last night fighting with Oracle, frantic to get my group's tables set up in time for class. The day before, I was muddling around in excel spreadsheets for my Java project's gift selector. Too many databases these days, I think! Somehow, I am still going. (Ok, ok, I plan to get to bed early tonight, but that's besides the point.) God gives breath and life, so why can't I ask him to give me strength, too? And He has given it. Normally when this sort of thing happens, I at least get mopey and pessimistic. Or, I get really scared and angry at the work to the point where I can't even face it. I am really working at this, though! I won't give it less than my best. Nehemiah shows me never to give up ground! Thank God He sustains me, because I have no idea how it is that I haven't flipped out over this. ^__^;

I still need to post about the mission trip and I need to get ready for this weekend's Resurrection retreat in PA! I am so behind in everything at this point :p Even as I am working in a constant state of panicked hyper-focus from 8am-11pm, I am behind!

Here's to another few days/weeks of days full of the energy, hope, and the power of will I need to succeed! Yay! Ya know, maybe I need that Roman general from my game to come give me a pep talk. Go, go, go!!

There stand the mighty Carthaginians! They look proud, but they have a heart of fear inside... We shall drive them from the battlefield and show them what a true soldier is!! For the glory of Rome!! Huzzah! Huzzah! Beats shield with sword

I will post later when I have had time to relax, collect my thoughts, and am actually in a normal frame of mind^^