April 22nd, 2007

Ten Virgins Parable by Cornelius

Daily Bread - Psalm 26:1-12

Daily Bread

Title: Blamelessness, yes, Righteousness by Faith
Psalm 26:1-12
Key Verse: 1

In the opening verse of this Psalm, King David asks for God's vindication boldly. He says that he has led a blameless life. Wow, what a statement! Who can say they are utterly blameless and ask to stand before God and receive His defense? As I read on, though, David gives a reason for his blameless life: "I have trusted in the LORD without wavering."

In Romans 3:22, Apostle Paul puts it this way: "This righteousness from God comes through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe."

David and Paul both understood that they need saving grace. And they know that it is not by good deeds or smart ideas that lead to this justification and salvation. It comes through faith, through trusting, through relying on God and living in a way that pleases Him. How does David act, then? Well, he says a number of things.

King David says that he:

-puts God's love before him always
-walks continually in God's truth

-does not spend time with deceitful men or hypocrites
-does not enjoy the company of evil-doers or wicked people

-washes his hands in innocence by sacrificing to God
-sings God's praises
-talks about God's wonderful deeds
-loves God's house (the temple)

Because David seeks the way of the LORD, walking with God, and trusting in His mercy, his heart is at peace. He does not have to worry about sins he committed. No, he knows that his repentant heart has been accepted and he can be made pure by God's wonderful grace.

When one is assured of their hope in this, they can bravely ask God to "test me, try me, examine my heart and my mind." This is what the Holy Spirit does, showing believers where sin still lurks and refining them to be more and more like Christ. This is sanctification work. It is very exciting! I am finding that as I grow, I long to do more of the things that please God. This is not because I am trying to do all kinds of good things. It is simply a natural reaction to the work of the Holy Spirit. :) Praise God! He is answering my Key Verse Prayer and the Prayer of Solomon - incline my heart to You, and lead me back to your living water.

One Word: Righteous and Blameless by Faith

My Father's attention, other's attention, Dune warnings

A variety of thoughts tonight. Here goes...


As a Christian, there's a lot that I could look forward to. There are vivid promises of mansions and crowns, of fountains and of fruitful trees. I don't want any of this, though. All I want is to sit at the feet of my Creator. That's all I want to do now, too! Is it asking too much?

As a daughter, I enjoy getting nice gifts from my father. When it comes right down to it, though, it's not the gifts that I want, but my dad! I enjoy sitting together with him, even if neither of us says anything. For some, though, this is asking too much. They will give their children gifts of all sorts, but forget how to give the most important gift -- themselves.

I do ask for a lot. I refuse to be satisfied with gifts from my Father. I want Him instead.


I need to remember the message of Dune.

In the beginning, the Fremen people longed that their dream would be fulfilled. They sought the one who would transform their desert into a paradise. When their dream became reality, though, their cries of praise became a curse. Muad'Dib!
There's something about 'things we don't have' that tastes so sweet. Yet, when we finally get that thing, it does not satisfy as it seemed to promise beforehand. I need to remember this. Ideals in my mind will never satisfy me - even if they are fulfilled. There is only One which can satisfy.



There's a special sense of contentedness that comes when someone else takes the time to come find you and engages you in conversation. Maybe I am just lonely. Or maybe I am too shy for my own good :p


Pandora gave me some Bjork! I was trying to find the name of another song, but this will occupy me for a few minutes. I find it interesting that she has a song called "It's in our hands" and another entitled "It's not up to you." I think the balance is important. Again, the lesson of Nehemiah and of Daniel. We trust God to work, but we can't be lazy and sit around and pretending we don't have to work, too.
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