April 29th, 2007


Daily Bread - Deuteronomy 17:1-20

Daily Bread

Title: The narrow and upright way
Deuteronomy 17:1-20
Key verse 19

This passage explains a few guidelines to keep evil at bay. These are ways to guard one's self and stay on the narrow path. They are: to offer God one's best, worship Him alone, and obey the authorities, preserving justice. The punishments are swift and strict. In a sense, they have to be. It is a fact of life that once we stray from the way, there is no more boundary line - it just takes us further and further away. I can say that from my own experience, it is hard to discipline yourself when you see you need to work your way back. Also, it is hard to redevelop a sense of sensitivity to those boundaries once they have been crossed. It can be done, though. The work of the Holy Spirit is to cleanse our hearts and righten our attitudes and perspectives of such things.

Also, the passage declares that rulers are to remain humble and not allow themselves to be led into pride or idol worship, forgetting God. In order to help them remember God, the rulers were commanded to copy the book of the Law (the five books of Moses) by hand. I wonder if King Solomon did this in his younger days? How can the writer of Proverbs turn from wisdom and allow himself to fall prey to the woman of the world? :( It makes me sad, for some reason.

When we remember God and have a right understanding of Him and of our relationship to Him and with Him, then we can walk. "Do justice, love mercy, walk humbly with your God." We must not forget our Father, though, or all the rest falls. Just look at the history of Israel during the Divided Kingdom. It is so sad. Yet, one by one, God can redeem His people. It is up to us to seek His righteousness and to be clothed in it.

One Word: Keep on the path


Today at church I gave the offering prayer. Also, we practiced singing again! :D It was fun.
This evening, I worked more on SQL with my group. We are actually progressing nicely. After this, I did some LCC work in McKeldin and walked home with some rolled up nautical maps! They said: Free to take! So, I did.


I hope earenwe doesn't mind, but I am going to steal her idea! :)
On her journal, she asked her friends what some of their favorite baby names are. Anybody here want to share some of their favorite names?

Some names I like are-
Girls: Fern, Liberty (an ancestor of mine had this name in the late 1800's), Constance, Deirdre, Fanya, Coral
Boys: Aaron, Cornelius, Ephraim, Alexander, Finn, Echo
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