May 7th, 2007


Java and BUCKIT week

Java Course
(Building the Human Computer Interface)

Today was my last day in Java class. I was sad to see it come to an end, even though I am swamped with work. Our professor has been great this semester! She has pushed us to learn hard-core code, from Layout Managers to Action Performed methods and Listeners. JTable Models, Cell Renderers, and more! Apparently, this course is the equivalent to two college level CS courses, I think. Actually, she joked that I far surpass my brother in coding skills by now. Of course, I doubt this :p

Actually, speaking of which, my brother and I will code an application together this summer. He wants to practice working with data structures and I need to learn to use Grid Bag Layout on my own. :) It should be plenty of fun! Maybe if we make a nice applet, we can rework the church site and make a nice new web-environment!

Anyway, getting back to class, it was a lot of fun this semester. I loved programming in Java and am so happy to see our final working application. And to think...a few weeks ago I had never seen a GUI spring forth from a coded file! I have gone from knowing nothing to knowing all sorts of terminology and tricks in the computing trade.

By the way, I plan to post our final project once I package it up into a JAR file. There is no database back end, so it doesn't actually "search" gifts, but you can see how cool it looks and click around^^

IT Presentations
(Information Technology)

Tonight was also the day for presentations in the course I am assisting. It was great to see everybody create projects based on what they learned from study and hard work outside of class. I am so happy for all of them! :)

And I was presenting mine only a few months ago, jumping for joy when the professor expressed his satisfaction with our work. Time is flying.


Who wants to come to BUCKIT WEEK? :D
Let me tell you what it is first and then you can think on it, ne?

It's "an intensive 5 day course designed to help you increase your knowlege of key concepts in the Word of God and gain practical hands-on experience in communicating God's truth to others." Basically, it is a time for college-aged Christians to come together, study, and grow together in God's word. The two teachers are great people. Craig is my Bible study teacher here at Maryland and I got the chance to meet Jabe Nicholson when I went to help in Tuscaloosa. I know it will be a great opportunity to learn and mature in faith, so I am really excited! I am going to try to talk my brother into coming... :p

Now, I am tired. My whole body (and mind) wants to sleep.
Higher Things

Daily Bread - Deuteronomy 25:1-19

Daily Bread

Title: Respect your fellow man and woman
Deuteronomy 25:1-19

God lays out commandments for justice.
When people do evil acts, they are to be punished justly, but not so much that they are degraded to others. If a man will not fulfill the role of brother-in-law for his brother's widow, he is to be punished, for he is not honoring his brother or sister-in-law. Just as yesterday, we see very clearly how to honor others, even in awkward situations. Simply because someone has done evil does not mean we can hate them and punish them to our heart's desire. No, we should have God's heart and seek to save them, rather than damn them. What is evil cannot dwell with God. And no Amalekite was to be a friend of Israel. Yet, we should not hate the evil in people but see the hope God planted in them by His mighty act of creation. God's will is that none might perish. Do we share this desire or do we seek to condemn?

It is Jesus Christ who saves.
It is Satan who condemns.

Which side does our heart stand on? With which voice do we cry?

We really need to examine ourselves. What is our heart towards others? Do we enjoy watching others fall or do we seek to light a lamp for others to see so they might not stumble? Our Lord Jesus came humbly to serve - so why are we such prideful and selfish creatures?

Also, in reading this chapter, aren't verses 7-10 interesting? Wow. For some reason, the sandal reminds me of how in medieval Japan a woman could claim sanctuary in a temple from an angry husband if even one of her geta sandals fell within the temple limits as she ran toward it.


One Word: Honor and Love your brothers