May 9th, 2007


Fragmented Happenings

My brain feel fragmented.
Also, aren't I forgetting...something or other?

Sitting outside in the shade was so pleasant today. And the strawberry milkshake I treated myself to was delicious. It did not make me feel any more awake, but it did cool me off.

I got to wear my beige jacket and matching bucket hat from Zagreb today! I felt like an explorer - maybe like Sternhart or Rene. It made me happy as I walked across campus. My backpack somehow felt lighter than normal. I decided that I need more nice summer hats...

I got to talk to a Jewish Christian today! She was very kind and we had a nice chat. I hope we can get together again sometime so I can learn more about Jewish culture :)

While at the Noodle restaurant this evening with my roommate, I saw a photograph of the Dubrovnik market. I was there!! :D

The database report is only a few interface screen designs away from being complete. I am so excited, but too tired to stay up for another three hours to finish it...

As for now, my brain is on overload and I cannot function. I will give up, sleep, and work more tomorrow.