May 11th, 2007

Union County, middle school mural

Creation's song

The trees are dancing. They sway back and forth and back.
The sky is singing. It's voice rises high, bubbling up as a fountain of cloud, to the heights.

I want to join the chorus!

Bible Bingo!

I just got back from playing Bible Bingo! Unfortunately, I lost all three rounds :( Jephthah, Song of Solomon, and Asaph all let me down!! Otherwise, I would have had Bingo!

Round One: Gideon, Song of Solomon, Hosea, Post-exilic, [ASAPH]
Round Two: David, Daniel, Proverbs, Isaiah, [SONG OF SOLOMON]
Round Three: Cyrus, Abednego, Free Space, Messiah, [JEPHTHAH]

Ah well, maybe next time^^

(Can I also say that having SoS and Hosea on the same round is rather ironic...)
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