May 14th, 2007


Daily Bread - Luke 14:1-11

Daily Bread

Title: Humility gives us an eye for others
Luke 14:1-11
Key verse 11

These Pharisees had temporary minds. They sought immediate recognition at the Sabbath dinner by taking all the best seats at the table. Jesus told them, though, that it is far wiser to have a humble attitude and take a less honorable seat. Then, later, when the host comes, he will take notice of you and give you a place of high honor before the eyes of all. Yet, they did not have minds that looked to the future, but only of the moment. When we get stuck in the moment, it is easy to become consumed with thoughts of one's self.

Better than seeking security and honor in the moment, we should at all times be humble and looking forward to the day of great honor to come. This way, we can lead lives focused on others and not only on ourselves. We cannot love our neighbors as ourselves if we only think about ourselves.

One Word: The Value of Humility


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Right now, I would much rather be working on this:

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I need to actually start doing some use studies with the site. That way, I can get the functional details worked out, establish an XML standard, and clean up the code before getting any father in the project. Though it is not much right now, I think it has potential... So why am I swimming through 400 pages of textbook readings?