May 31st, 2007


Return. again.

My room is quiet.
Well, there is the hum of an air conditioner and the loud music from winamp, but otherwise it sounds empty. After a week and a half of busy doings at home, I suddenly feel let down and alone.
My room is so orderly and white.

The highlight of this week was watching my brother fight through MGS3 and win! That's about 13 hours of viewing excitement. The backstory to the game was beautiful and crushing and I admit it made me cry to watch the last scene. For a while, I wasn't sure that I could like the game, what with all the violence; but after finishing it, I just have to say it was a great game. The characters were very well developed, as with all the other MGS games. Ocelot was quite entertaining^^ Snake was so real. Eva seemed simple at first, but turned out to be one of the deepest characters. The Boss felt genuine. The Sorrow was surreal. Ah, I love good games with refreshing characters!

Tomorrow I begin class. Soon I should gather together my notes and pencils and money for lunch. I need to change gears, and fast. Megan, out of internet mode and onto school preparations!
Do I have any homework for tomorrow?...
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