June 4th, 2007


Daily Bread - Ruth chapter 2

Title: Not as they seem and more than they seem
Ruth 2
Key Verse 12

I. God is at work (and so are we)

Ruth was a Moabite. She was not of the family of Israel. Yet, she married an Israeli man who came to Moab during a time of famine. When her husband died, she had a choice to make - she could remain in her land and seek to remarry and have children or she could follow her foreign mother-in-law to Israel and support her there. She chose the latter.

So the Moabite, one of a people not on friendly terms with Israel, came with her aging mother-in-law to this new land. They were both widows and had no means to make money. So, Ruth went out to collect the scraps of grain in the field that the gleaners missed.

Were I in Ruth's shoes, I would have felt very much alone. A young woman in a foreign land gathering wheat with the other widows and orphans is a pretty dismal lifestyle. It paints a rather miserable and hopeless picture. Yet, none of this was by chance. As the story turns out, it was God's plan to bring about the royal line of Israel through this woman.

Even when times look dark and hopeless, I should not forget the almighty hand of God which works through events and through history. I can't sit back and wait around, though. Ruth had to make a painful sacrifice, work very hard, and persevere. Just as Nehemiah shows, hard work and faithfulness are the attitudes through which God can work in those who seek Him and His grace.

II. Kind words

Ruth gleans in the fields of a man named Boaz. When he first steps onto the scene, he greets the harvesters with a blessing. They all shout back one in response. He then asks about the young foreign woman. When he learns that she is the one who is supporting Naomi, he goes to speak to Ruth directly.

He speaks kind words, assuring her that he will provide her with safety and water. Now, when a stranger in authority stops to offer respectful words and praise to a person, it can turn a day into sunshine. At least, this is how I feel when such a surprising thing occurs. I am sure Ruth felt her fears crumble and fall before the words of such a man as Boaz. Maybe I should try to be more aware of others and ready to offer uplifting words to them, too.

Proverbs 16:24 - "Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones."

It's often easy to forget how powerful a word can be. Let's take the power of words and use that for good - for blessing.

One Word: A powerful combo - faithful hard work and kind words

Tired out chasing after bits

This weekend, I've felt like I have been picked up and tossed about. Finally it's left me thrown in a corner. I think that's what happens when I get caught up in a mood. I suppose the shift from school, home, and back has complicated matters. Also, it's the first time in well over 10 months since I have stumbled upon something to spark my fervent fandom spirit. This can be fun, but it is also troublesome. With it comes this stubborn, unrelenting sense that I cannot stop until I have eaten up all the imagery and story that I can. Since coming across desired video game footage/stills is harder than with DVDs, I get really impatient. Hopefully, I can settle myself back down and get back into study mode, because this mood is tiring me out. I need to remind myself that the break time I get in August can be devoted to games; but this is not the time!

This kind of reminds me how I felt in Croatia when I was dying to play Ocarina of Time. I had gotten the game shortly before that time and the whole year I was overseas, I kept itching to play it. It's kind of silly, but when I get hooked on something, I am hooked for a while. Also, thinking on it, I often fall for really obscure movies/games/characters. Whether this is good or bad, I can't quite say.
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