June 5th, 2007


Daily Bread - Ruth chapter 3

Title: In word and deed, be faithful and gracious
Ruth 3:1-18

The situation Ruth is in in chapter 3 reminds me of what Esther had to go through. Both were told to go to the men in authority and either a husband or a potential husband to ask for something. If the man agreed, their lives would be saved. If the man, in some fit or mood, said no, they were without a hope. So much rested on such a small moment. Let's see how Ruth and Boaz react.

I. Ruth's Faithful Obedience

Yesterday it was seen that Ruth was faithful and hard-working. Today, we see that Ruth remains faithful and obedient. She follows her mother-in-law's directions fully and risks her life and reputation. She does not argue, but acts right away. Faith does not hesitate.
Just like in the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade video game, if you reach the Lion's Head and do not make a "leap" of faith within an allotted time, the bridge becomes inactive and you die. Indy, noo~~

II. Boaz's Grace

As yesterday, Boaz is a man who offers blessing and grace to those who work hard and have a pure heart. In chapter three, he immediately responds to Ruth that he will see to her request. He knows her situation and is willing to become her kinsman redeemer, marrying her and carrying on her late husband's name. He is humble and gracious, because the other family member is not willing to do this. In fact, not many would be. His kind speech is now followed by kind acts.
He is a man of his word and his word is good.

One Word: Willing Obedience and Gracious Lifestyle