June 6th, 2007


It was a long day, but with IDM at the end

It was one of those days where I want to crash afterwards!

I started with a challenging Bible study from 10:00-11:30am. It is very good material (John chapter 12), but it is not easy to take to heart. I can say that I long to serve God, but when I have to suffer, I don't like that. The truth is, sometimes, I would much rather play online than pray. So why do I think it is so easy to deny myself and take up my cross? I still have a lot to learn :) This unsettled feeling inside may be uncomfortable, but it is a good sign. It means something inside me is working...

After Bible study, I grabbed a quick and easy lunch. Then I worked on my evaluation checklist. I did this for a few hours, then took off for the library. I didn't find any helpful books at the EPSL Library, but I did at the Art Library. On the way up the hill, I stopped at Stamp Union to pick up my last textbook and check for video game guides... >.> Well, I found comic books, but no video game guides. That's ok, maybe I will have mom bring the MGS3 one I got while in Japan for my brother (the one he refuses to look at! So what if it is in a language you can't read :p It has pictures and stuff...)

Class this evening was long and cold. I sat in the room with a wool jacket and I still had blue fingernails. It was 80+ degrees a few feet away outside. The class is more focused on business and archives, so I will get a flavor for something other than information architecture or IT. Still, the added load of work sent me into a panic. I managed to finish most of the reading for next class. That's why I am up rather late. Tomorrow I need to reserve all my time to work for Software Evaluation. Thursday my mom comes! It will be exciting.

I am absolutely loving this song by Aphex Twin. You know, I have really been enjoying this IDM since my brother let me in on his secret music discoveries! Can I really go back to anything else now?

Daily Bread - Ruth 4:1-12

Title: The Kinsman Redeemer
Ruth 4:1-12
Key Verse 10

Bethlehem, early in the morning.
Boaz is sitting at the town gate.
He stops a relative of his and ten elders of the city, asking them all to sit, too. He has some business to discuss with them.
He informs the relative that the land of Elimelech, the late husband of Naomi, is available for claim. The man is happy and claims it. Boaz tells him then that if he claims the land, he must also take the foreigner Ruth as his wife to carry on the family name of Elimelech and his son. At this, the man refuses, telling Boaz to redeem it instead, as Boaz is next in line.
He hands Boaz his sandal to conclude the matter.*
Boaz agrees.

To become a kinsman redeemer, Boaz would need to marry this foreigner, have children, and then allow them to carry on the name of Ruth's late husband. I don't know much about children, but I am sure that people who have a child want him/her to carry on the name and history of the parents. Boaz had to be willing to give up that right so the children could be identified with someone else. He was willing to do it, though. He did not grumble, but immediately declared it to be done.

I think Boaz really cared for Ruth. No one would do such a thing out of duty.

Similarly, our God paid a price to redeem us. He was willing to do it because of love. That's what John 3:16 says. Praise the God who loves us enough to redeem us, foreigners set apart from Him and without a hope! :)

One Word: Love Redeems


* The pronoun sense here is a little ambiguous. See verse 8: "So the kinsman-redeemer said to Boaz, 'Buy it yourself.' And he removed his sandal."

Summer school and Bible studies (and weird food)

My cell phone woke me up at 9:50 today when a fellow Bible student thought we had study at 10:00. He was just trying to pick me up, poor fellow. It didn't bother me^^ but I definitely sounded asleep on the phone.

After I got up, I worked on the checklist for my evaluation of graphics software. I did this until 12:30 when I ventured to the kitchen in search of lunch. There, I found my roommate cooking cinnabuns and she offered me some. I ate two small ones, half of a green sour apple, and a piece of string cheese for lunch.

After lunch, I worked more on the checklist and then the bibliography. I did this - along with some icon work, internet searching, and drawing - all afternoon until the study at 6:30. I kind of forgot about dinner. (I was tempted to join a 100 icon theme contest, but at 12 icons, I will wait because I don't know that I can find enough source material...)

And, yes, I said drawing :x It's been ages. It was fun, when I didn't take it seriously and didn't try too hard.

The Romans study went well. We got an introduction to Paul's writings, to the structure of the book in general, and then talked some about the importance of faith. By faith we are made righteous. By faith, we learn to do good and are thus sanctified. Works come second, not first. We can't try to do good on our own. It's all by faith. After the study, we all got sandwich wraps, fresh cherries, and tasty fudge ripple ice cream! God does provide :)

This evening, I printed out course material and got myself a little organized.

Tomorrow my parents are coming in to town! My dad is driving in to drop off my mom for a few days. She is coming to see Joyce Meyer speak here at the Comcast Center! I will go, too, when I get the chance. My family is so nice and they are trying to do all they can to help me out with supplies and food needs. My brother picthed in, too. He heard I was looking for an MGS3 game guide and put the one I got him in Japan on the pile of stuff to bring down tomorrow :3 I didn't even have to ask! My brother is the best!! ^___^

Yeah, I feel a lot better than I did last night at this time. I was really moody there for a while and it was distressing me...