June 8th, 2007


Daily Bread - Ruth 4:13-22

Title: The conclusion of Ruth and study from here
Ruth 4:13-22
Key verse 14

Part 1. Individuals

At the end of this story, Naomi's daughter-in-law Ruth gives birth to a child. This baby is the grandfather of King David.

While the people at the time may never have expected a foreigner from Moab to become one of the Messiah's ancestors, God was working out His plan. God works through people. He seeks to reach out to people, like us, and turn our lives into beautiful creations, like Ruth. God did not send His Son to die for an idea, but to die for people so they might live. The Bible also does not preach some big idea, but speaks to individuals. It is God's "word" and the word is speaking.
Even now.

Part 2. Individuals' character

This book shares the story of people who are faithful in heart, kind, self-less, courageous, honorable, and obedient. I need to meditate on the character of Ruth, her trust and love. I also need to stop and ponder the generosity of Boaz. Depending on the types of people we surround ourselves with, we take on the characteristics of those people. So, through meditation, I can grow to know and become familiar with the character of Ruth and Boaz. More importantly, through study and prayer, I can come to know the character of Jesus, in whom are pure and true love, faith, and hope.

One Word: Plan for people and People of good character


My mom is hanging out with me for the weekend! :D
We are attending the Joyce Meyer's conference here in College Park and it has been good so far. We are learning to be confident in Christ, fearful of nothing and not making excuses all the time. Last night after the conference we ate cold chicken and apple slices before going to bed. Today for lunch we had beef stew and cheesecake! I wonder what the guys (my dad and brother) and up to? :p
Tonight we will go to the UBF prayer meeting and then onto the evening session at Comcast. Tomorrow is the last day and then it is back to the world of homework :(

Still, it is fun! ^__^