June 9th, 2007


Weekend remarks, Joyce Meyer

As of now:
Three and a half sessions of Joyce Meyer.
Two days with my mom.
One day's assignments submitted.
Seventeen icons out of 100 completed.

Spending the weekend with my mom was so much fun! ^_^ I wish she (and the whole family, for that matter) could have stayed longer. It's so nice to sit back and snack on food and chat together. I miss those times. I am looking forward to the month of August when I can spend a lot of time at home with my family!!

The Joyce Meyer conference was really good. She talked about power thoughts. Things we should actively, intentionally think about to help us to live more powerful, meaningful, enjoyable lives. They were the following:

I am in right standing with God. (see Romans)
I will not bow down to fear. (There is no fear in love)
I can do whatever I need to do. (Phil. 4:13)
I promptly obey God. (He knows best; so why should I wait around with nothing to do?)
I do not make decisions based on my feelings. (aka spannungsbogen)
I am a very generous person. (Giving and helping makes us feel great!!)
I am very careful about what I say. (Do we bless or curse?)
I treat people the way I want to be treated. (The second greatest commandment)
I enjoy every moment of life!! (No more wasted time making myself feel miserable)
God abundantly supplies all my needs. (ABUNDANT!)

It was very interesting and I am glad that I could go with my mom to hear the messages :)

Now I am ready to sit back and play on the computer till I get sleepy enough to go to bed. I should wake up early to read homework, but whether or not this will actually happen...